A few months ago we took a greyhound (4 years old, also a retired racer) from a rescue centre. He was very timid and scared of almost anything when we first took him home, especially of men – which led us to believe he was probably abused when in training. Now, he’s as bubbly as ever and probably is too happy now :p (however still scared of loud/sudden noises, or anything that would seem big and scary, but you would assume that’s normal for any dog). Although, he was very vicious towards any small animals and smaller dogs, actually killing 2 local pet cats and barking at smaller dogs. His behaviour is getting better towards smaller dogs though and doesn’t attack/dark at them any more, but still is quite intruiged by them.
We were thinking of getting another rescue dog, but a mut this time. They’re such fun dogs and I have heard that they can make great pets. My only concern is that would our current greyhound and a mut get along well?