Chocolate lab/greyhound mix– really beautiful dog. 11 months old. House trained. Hasn’t had an accident in over 3 months, and that was a random, one time occurrence.
Yesterday, she ran with my husband (while he was mountain biking) for an hour, then she was exhausted & well behaved the rest of the day. She had obedience class yesterday from 5-6. Then at 7:15 we had some friends over for dinner. We took her out to use the bathroom at about 6:45. Then my husband & I were running around frantically trying to straighten up the house. We put her in her crate soon after our friends came because she seemed a little skittish. After they left, I was going to bed and there was a huge, cold urine stain right in the center of my white bed spread.
Why the sudden lapse in house-breaking? She’d been an angel all day & we’d given her adequate opportunities to use the bathroom.