Me and my family go on holiday with my aunt and her children every year, and they have to dogs, a greyhound/ lurcher mix who is quite chilled, never lets anything bother him and is great with dogs and children, there other dog is Golden retriever mix and is OK with dogs once she gets to know them, they both came from the shelter.
They are coming over between christmas and new year(live like 5 hours away) to see the rest of our family and stuff and there bringing there dogs.
And seen as though we are going on holiday later that year i think it’s best to make the dogs meet when mine is younger.
So i have a GSD 4 nearly 5 month and will be 7-8 months then, he gets on well with calm dogs and then he wants to play, he goes puppy training and has done since his shots where complete but giddy dogs bug him.
So what is the best way to introduce these dogs to each other.
I was thinking in a neutral place one dog at a time.
BTW all dogs are spayed and neutered well mine is not yet but will be when they are here.