Right, here I go.
So my best friend has a 6 year old English Cocker Spaniel (Maizie), to a doggy person it is clear to see that this dog has issues, it is snappy and stubborn with my friend and has some very bad behavioural/possibly pack ranking problems, however my friends mum sees very little fault with her and thinks she is a great dog. Now that isn’t my problem, this is!
So my friend text me a few weeks back saying that they were getting a puppy. My Instant response was,
where from?
what breed?
what sex?
Wow! From my mums friend, its a mongrel and it’s a girl.
I said, ‘do you think Maizie will take well to another female puppy?’, my friends response was, ‘probably not, Maizie will probably kill it but my mum said, she’s not having any ”willies” in this house.
I left the conversation topic there and moved onto something else.
Fair enough, if they want another dog they can get another dog, although it did baffle my mum and I as to what Maizie would think of it and also because they are going on holiday end of July, where is the puppy supposed to go??
Well, it gets worse. My friend phoned me up the other day and told me her mum wanted to get another puppy, and they were. I assumed it was from the same litter, but oh no, I was wrong. Another friend had Greyhound/Whippet puppies, surprise surprise, they were getting a *****. I said to her, ‘you must be mad. Not even I, a dog crazy orientated person who is knowledgeable on the species would ever get two puppies at the same time!!’ She told me it was three weeks old and she’d been to visit it that day. I asked her when they were getting the new dogs and she said in about two weeks ‘NO!!’ I told her this was very unwise and to wait until the puppy is atleast 8 weeks old to prevent behavioural problems.
To some it up, they currently have a temprimental cocker who is very possessive over her owner. Two people who know little about dogs (my friend couldn’t care less if they had a dog or not) and the family are out from 7.30am-5.00pm, during this time the three dogs will be left. Oh and because they think my dogs are so well trained they have asked me to help with training because they wont be taking them to training classes. They are not doggy people, their dog has to fit in with their lives and they don’t make compromises for Maizie, which means she doesn’t get daily exercise. My friends nan is also suffering from alziemers and so is living bed ridden in their house with them.
What would you do?
Maybe I’m over reacting because I would love to have three dogs.
Is this really bad?
Oh I don’t know what to say to my friend or anything?
Any advice would be welcomed, thank you.