I would like to know your opinions of the dogs that are in danger of being banned by BSL.
My sister has a Pit Bull/American Bulldog cross, and she is one of the best dogs that I have ever seen. She’s sweet to people, a little wary of new dogs, but gets used to them quickly. My husband and I have an Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua cross, and we were worried that Baylee wouldn’t like him. After the initial introduction, she started to play with him. She seems to keep in mind that he is only 11 lbs and that she needs to be careful. If anything, he’s mean to her! He bites on her face, runs around, steals toys from her, plays tug-o-war, etc. The only time she has hurt him is when she gets a little excited and body slams him. Someone always monitors them, so Baylee gets reprimanded for squishing Baci, and then they all go back to playing.
I do not like when people will automatically condemn a dog just because there have been other people that do not correctly train the animal. My dad was one of those. At first he did not like Baylee because of her breed(s), but now he seems to like her a lot. He laughs at her silly antics and quirks in her personality. She’s the only dog I know that will pout if you fuss at her for doing something wrong.