Well , my 9 year old female greyhound mix is unhappy . She has some behavior problems that are currently being worked on , like biting animals and atempting to bite people , but she just seems so unhappy ! It breaks my heart
She does not like to play , whatsoever . Never had , never will . She dosn’t even glance at a toy . Trust me , we’ve tryed every toy known to man . She just dosn’t seem interested . Also – She HATES our other dog . I mean HATES her . She was a happier before we brought our other dog home , but since then , she has just been a total grump . She also dosn’t really like to be loved on ? Like , i go up to her and pet her , and her tail just lowers and stops wagging , and in her eyes you see total un-happiness . We also can’t take her for walks right now , becuase she will attack other dogs if she sees them , but hopefully after some training , she will be able to walk outside again !
If you have any ideas to make her happy again , please share ! :]]