I know it sounds crazy, but I have 30 dogs. No, I’m not kidding, and no, I’m not a hoarder. I live on a very large three generation working ranch. Please, no bad comments. We have a 300 acre ranch and need these dogs. Most are strictly working dogs.
I have a Bulldog named Chowder, who is 5 years old. He is strictly an indoor companion, but has proved his worth by breaking up more than a few fights between our holstein bulls.
Then, there is Geekie. He is a 12 year old Wire Fox Terrier. Back when we had a problem with foxes getting our chickens he was used to hunt and kill them. He is now an indoor companion.
Next is Scrumptious, an 11 year old Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. We use him to flush birds when hunting and he keeps rats out of the barnyard.
I also have a 4 year old German Wirehaired Pointer named Missy. She is our best bird retriever!
Oberon is a 6 year old Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen. He is our best rabbit hunter.
Intrepid is a 3 year old Giant Schnauzer. He is our cattle drover.
Caesar is a 1 year old Argentine Dogo pup. We bought him not long ago because we were having a problem with some large predator taking our livestock. We think it might be a puma or coyote, but aren’t sure. They definately stay away from him!
Kosmic is a 2 year old Basset Hound. Not the world’s best rabbit hunter, but loves the chase!
Dodger is a 10 year old Stabyhoun. He is our resident mole/gopher eradicator.
Charlie is a 3 year old American Eskimo Dog. He is my baby who sleeps with me every single night!
Cassius is one of our newer additions. He is a 1 year old Spinone Italiano. Cassius is another one of our retrievers.
Cricket is a 9 year old Thai Ridgeback. She is a retired breeding and we adopted her recently just as an exotic looking companion.
Harley is a 10 year old Pharaoh Hound. He is another rabbit hunter, very good, but getting a bit slow.
Cristyl is a 2 year old Berger Picard. Strictly a sheep herder.
Bruno is a 1 year old Dandie Dinmont Terrier. He is used alongside Scrumptious to kill any rats, mats, or other rodents that try to get into our grain.
Quasimodo is a 9 year old Coton de Tulear. Just another house pet!
Giggles is a 7 year old Great Pyrenees. 100% a sheep guardian.
Singer is a 9 year old Skye Terrier. Used to eradicate a fox once in a blue moon. We rarely have a problem with that, but have to keep our chickens safe.
Mu Shu is a Russell Terrier, about 4 years old. He is another ratter, but mainly works well out in the field and pastures.
Derby is a 9 year old Border Terrier, works in the western fields/yard killing rats.
Otto is a 3 year old Whippet. I bought him as a companion, but he also participates in recreational racing, just for fun, alongside other pet Whippets and Greyhounds
Tova is almost a year old Estrela Mountain Dog. She lives out with Giggles in training to be a flock guard so we can expand our wool business.
Chew-Chew is our retired Anatolian Shepherd Dog, around 9 years old. He use to guard our flock, but was badly wounded by some sort of large predator. We don’t know what, but it was very big to take down a 150 lb dog!
Ferdinand is a 10 year old Plott Hound. He helps find and take bear during hunting season.
Abby is a 5 year old Neapolitan Mastiff. She is a guard dog and has wrangled a few coyotes in her time. She is well over 100 lbs, lives and sleeps on our porch, but great protection.
Gopher is a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel. He use to hunt, but has been retired since.
Crawdad is our 6 year old Alaskan Malamute. Just a fun dog to have around, rescued from a kill shelter, pulls sleds for my younger brother and sister in the winter!
Gunther a Tosa or Mastiff Mix. We found him as a stray, about 7 years old. Great guard dog. Lives on the other side of our ranch and will kill any animal that comes near him. Loves his family though, but not strangers!
Tricky is a 10 year old Harrier. Use to hunt rabbit in his younger days.
Buginarug is a 12 year old Boxer. He is a guard dog for the east side of our ranch, but also helps out with the bulls when we have to move any for breeding.
I think I’ve named them all….Please tell me about your dogs!