My bf and I already have a 2-year-old Italian Greyhound and we just LOVE her. She is VERY socialized and has been around MANY other dogs & can even handle playing w/ my mom’s 8 month old boistrous lab puppy so she won’t be a problem.
My bf has fairly bad allergies and can’t even handle cats at all so I’ve been researching dogs that, like my IG, shouldn’t cause him trouble. I’ve been researching and thinking for a good 6 months now and I’ve narrowed it down to 2 dogs, the Basenji & the SCWT.
I want to know from YOU how easy are they to train? How well do they bond with you & your family? How easily do they pick up & react to your moods? How is the grooming & how DO you groom them?
How active are they? How do they play? And any funny sweet stories that would be great? Also anything else you feel I should know?
Thank you I REALLY need thorough answers on this one.
Also I live in Colorado, which would be better suited for our climate?