I have a mutt from the humane society. We have no idea what she is, but people have asked us if she’s: lab, greyhound, Viszla, Dalmatian (body/head shape, not coloring), pit bull… She’s about 10 months old, and at her shoulders she’s right at the top of my knees and weighs 48 lbs. We’ve had her for 4 months. We’ve done some training with her at home (house breaking, sit, stay, lay down, come, shake, etc.) and she’s been VERY smart. We walk her on several long walks a day and play with her inside. We take her to the park probably… 5 times a week. We walk her around on the walking paths and let her run free in the baseball fields (fenced in) with tennis balls. She LOVES other dogs and wants to play with every one that she sees. She’s also pretty friendly with dog owners. But she’s skittish around other people. She backs away from people and puts her tail between her legs. Like I said, we do try to socialize her. When she backs away, we usually let the person try to give her a treat, but she won’t eat from them. She’s especially scared of kids. We’ve been kind of “forcing” her to be around people by taking her to petsmart just about every day and she’s getting a little better… she’ll walk up and sniff someone from the back or the side. But if they’re facing her, she’ll get scared.
It would be great if she’d have a comfort level with people like that of a service dog… but I don’t see that happening lol.