I am looking for the right dog for my personality and some sighthounds seem to fit the bill, but I have a few questions:
I have heard that greyhounds are easy to train and though they like to run, they are perfectly content to nap the rest of the time… are the other sighthounds I mentioned like this as well or are they high energy and more stubborn?
What, in your experience has been the longevity and health of any or all of the 3 breeds?
About how much does it cost monthly to feed these dogs? They are all very large, but some of them don’t seem to weigh much compared to their height so is feeding them extremely costly?
Some large dogs are recommended for small spaces like apartments but others must have large yards. What would you suggest for these breeds?
Lastly, are any of these dogs at all protective (I’d be walking them alone and at night so it’s something to think about).
Thank’s for taking the time to answer my questions. 🙂