I have been wanting to get another dog for the longest time. And i have always loved the poodle and IG(italian greyhound) I reseached the poodle majorly before i got my dog. Since i want a IG i have been researching them and they sound like they are very fragile, is that true. And my toy poodle is a fiesty when he plays. Some dogs even bigger than him dont like him because he doesnt understand that he has to stop. But i was thinking my dog loves to be chased and italian greyhounds love to chase. So wouldnt that work out? Also the italian greyhound could run and escape from my dog and not get as tired as my dog would.
So is getting a IG when i already have a 11lb toy poodle smart?
Do IG make good hypoallergenic dogs? (my definition is they go well with people with allergies)
Are IG very fragile?
Do they like water?
Is it better to get one as a puppy or adult?
Shelter or breeder? (which one will the dog be better behavied and more importantly potty trained)
Anything these really important i should know?