I have 2 dogs, a greyhound ***** un-neutered (4) and a labrador dog neutered (2), they have always lived very well together, share food etc and never had a fight.
We spend a few days a week at my mums as it is near to the horses and she has a un-neutered lab ***** (2). Again, never any fighting they all love each other and come and go between the houses.
Recently we rescued a 5yr old golden retreiver ***** from a puppy farm, she was in awful condition, with nails so long she couldn’t walk and so had been forced to live in her own feacees. They all got along fine for the first 3 weeks, although it was apparent she was top dog. She is 5, and has had lots of puppies.
However she has now become very grumbly if they come near her in the house, just growling and saying keep away, and in the garden it is much worse. She sometimes won’t even let our other doogs outside, and will hog anything and make a nest with it like they were puppie (the hogging and nesting is ONLY outside, never inside).
She is also proving very difficult to house train. despite waiting for her to toilet just before bed, there will still be poo and wee on the floor by half way through the night.
Help please!! We love her but she is makeing our other dogs scared!
She is 5.
Thank you