my puppy is part greyhound but mostly alaskan husky.
she was bred to race but we rescued her from being put down when she was 4 weeks old ( her femur broke so the owners were going to put her down)
and well we hav had her since then so she bites a lot she has already ripped the skin on one of my fingers.
and i want to know ho to stop this aggression in her i need way to train er im very desperate!
she is a very intelligent dog and people say intelligent dogs are harder to train (though i would think it would be easier)
but can anyone help??
i have no idea how to train her my other dog sequoia isa completely different breed and very calm so she was easy to train but this one is very hard.
what i want to train her to do:
not beg
not steal stuff off of the table.
to not jump onto kitchen chairs (yes she does that)
to not dig.( she is working her way into the neighbors yard)
to not eat our garden.
how to stay.
i dont want anyone reporting her and having her put down
i love this puppy so much and dont want anything to happen to her.
she was born may 27th of this year.
just so you get an idea of how old she is
(no saying that we shouldnt have taken her at 4 weeks! i have had a lot of people yell at us for that. just so you know if we didnt take her at 4 weeks she would be dead right now. only because she broke her femur and would never be able to race)
btw her leg is all healed now