I just adopted a 2 year old Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix a few days ago. She was already crate trained, but not totally house trained. I adopted her last Saturday, and starting on Monday I’ve been taking her to doggie daycare. Everyday on the way to daycare (about a 30 minute drive) she poops in her crate, sometimes twice. She also poops on the way home. The crate and the car are becoming negative associations for her. I’m not sure how to fix this. I also changed the type of dog food she was eating, so this could be contributing to upsetting her digestive system. I live alone in an apartment and I thought doggie daycare would be a nice alternative to being home alone all day, but so far it seems to be creating a lot of stress for her. I know she probably just needs some time, just wondering if anyone can think of something I’m doing wrong or something that would help her enjoy the car ride more. She’s a very sensitive little dog.