Hello I have two dogs, One who is 3 years old who was a beautiful girl, could take her anywhere and she didnt do anything wrong, then we bought a puppy 🙂 All went out the window, that puppy is now about 16 months old now. and both dogs have gone ferral, Where we use to live was on a path way, so they never saw dogs unless they walked passed, which the dog on the other side of the path barked at, of cause our dogs learnt this habbit. in which we had tried VERY hard to get them to stop, we have now moved to a corner block where we live next door to a little fluffy dog think its a shitzu or something, one that yaps at our dogs when they play, (they are very rough together) sometimes ours bark back, (when we are home we stop them, by making them come and sit and wait for 10 secs without barking and give them a treat) but when i am at work i think the little dog must get put outside. Cos my pups are digging near the fence to get to it, The neighbour has a plank of wood along the gound on its side so their dog cant dig but i dont know how to stop them, i have put poo in their holes, they dont care, they still dig in it. any suggestions?
also with the clothes line… the last place we could fence it off, but this new place we are unable to do it (we only rent) how do we stop them getting my clothes off the line, at the moment i am using those little hangers that you take camping and putting it in garage, but i dont like it. He does the same to plants, instead of digging he just grabs the tops and pulls them out and shakes them (thinks they are toys) we have sprayed the dog off stuff and tried poo and nothing works so far, so we have put plants out front of house, but would like to have them out back again if possible. He only does it when i am not home they have LOADS of toys, which we swap every few days and hide the others, aparently that keeps them interested in them, they get bones when we go to work, they have a kiddy pool which they play in, and have each other, they get walks at night, which is a nightmare in itself, they bark at every dog, cat or person they go past and pull really hard to get to them, they have special collars called infin8 holter or something, link is http://www.blackdog.net.au/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=2&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=5 spose to be great for this kind of thing. We did have them in dog obedience classes, but they got use to the dogs there, and would still bark at ones in street, the people that ran the course told us, that they will never get use to strange dogs, which i thought had to be wrong.
Can anyone suggest what we can try, I dont believe in punishment, ie hurting them so no shock colars or anything Jemma did have a choaker chain but made no difference, i dont blame them for being naughty, i blame us for not teaching them right, can anyone please help me to show them the right way, to be good
thanks very much
oh Jemma is a 3 year old Lab x Great Dane
Benson is a 16 Month Cattle cross something?…. 🙂
kind of looks like a whipit or greyhound apparently, VERY fast