My roommate has a 3 year old greyhound that he got from a rescue shelter. We’ve shared a house for over a year now, and the dog has been there the whole time. He is a good dog, but has seperation issues and has to be crated when no one is home. I have a real deep genuine love of animals and think I have an intuition about how they feel or what makes them happy, but also realize they need discipline. Here’s the issue-
His dog now treats me like the alpha male of the house, because I pay attention to him. I can’t help the fact that I actually walk him and take him places in the car, and realize when he has to go out. My roommate used to wonder why he would pee on the downstairs rug after letting him know he had to go out. He makes him wait,thinking it shows dominance or something. He trys to do all of these “correct” training methods like Cesar Milan shows, without actually giving the dog the exercise or change of pace and scenery he needs to be happy. He has been sleeping on the bed at night, mostly with me,but now he wants to try and stop that again because he snaps when he gets woken sometimes (nothing new, except he doesn’t do it to me anymore……I don’t strike him,though. I firmly say “HEY! NO! and look at him). My roommate has this idea that letting the dog on the bed and stuff says to the dog that he is equal to you,and all this other crap. He thinks he knows how to discipline the dog properly, but I’m pretty sure crating a dog for 12 hours straight and sticking him in a closed room with a space heater isn’t the best method. I felt so bad for the poor thing that I would actually come home when I could, because I was closer than anyone else.
Anyways, I just can’t help but feel that if he spent more time caring for his dog and spending time with him, that he would get the same respect. I know he loves his dog, but he has done so many things the wrong way, yet can’t understand why he responds to me. How should I deal with this?