I have a 3.5 month old Italian greyhound who keeps going wee wee in his crate. At first he went in his crate once in a while (mostly at night when he couldn’t hold it all night long), then I adjusted his feeding schedule and he was doing great for about two weeks only to regress and start going in his crate constantly. We made the crate smaller with a divider so I know thats not the problem. (We cannot make it any smaller or he wont fit in it). Sometimes he goes in the crate even when he’s been in there for only a short period of time, so I know thats not the problem either (we take him out to potty every hour-2 hours). He does go potty outside normally, unless he has just gone potty in the crate in which case he wont go outside. Anyways, I never had this problem with my other dog and we crate trained her the same way. What do I do? Help!!!