I have a three year old italian greyhound. He has always been notoriously resistant to house training despite the efforts of absolutely everyone I know pitching in to help.
Recently I moved into a house with my boyfriend. He has his own room (for sanity’s sake), and we spend almost equal amount of time sleeping in his room and my room. The dog sleeps with us in the room in a doggie bed.
Now, NORMALLY, he’s ok as far as accidents in the house go as long as we keep an eye on him. At night, we make sure he’s peed and bundle him up in his bed and he wont get up until morning when we let him out. When we sleep in my room, he crawls up into the bed in the morning when we wake up and snuggles.
When we sleep in HIS room, however, he crawls up in the bed in the morning and pees all over us. Today he peed while I was holding him and after we punished him he peed again on his futon.
This is, understandably, very stressful. Any insight here? Advice?
Thanks in advance!