To be honest, at first I thought this breed was not my time of dog. Then I started looking at rescues near me and there is a greyhound recuse practically next door. I started to do my research and I now know that I was so wrong before. I am in LOVE with this breed.
Now, I am looking in advance. I wont be moving into my apartment that allows dogs for about five months. Painfully long to wait, I know. But I was hoping you would like to give me some advice on Greyhounds.
Anything from diet, training, what to buy to prepare, and apartment living especially.
Keeping in mind this is not my first dog just my first grey. And I do have a fenced in yard available to me so the dog would be able to run unleashed about once a week (more or less).
I have read all the websites and even got a book that “is a greyhound adopters bible” as the back said. I just really want to know what the books wont tell me that perhaps you yourself have learned.
Thank you!