i have a 4 yo and a 2 yo greyhound. The 2 yo is a female. She just came off the tracks. we were training her with the crate and she was doing good not making a mess in the house til lately. She has no problem showing us that she can make in the house in front of us. She used to be so good to as letting us know when she needs to go out and now she has turned back to the not so trained dog she was. Its as if we crate train her she pees in the house, and if she doesn’t pee, she is bad in the crate (whining, barking..etc) . My 4 year old will pee on only certain things. even right after i clean it! he has been in many homes before.. I am at my end, and am not sure what to do. ANy suggestions will be well appreciated. Thank you.