I’m a long way away from getting a dog but I’m thinking about it in the future. I’m moving to a flat (apartment), it is two level but still pretty small. I’m not really keen on small foo foo dogs or terriers, other half doesnt like greyhound-type dogs or lab/golden retrievers. Have lived with springer and cocker spaniels all my life, adore them but would like to try a different breed if possible. Cross breeds are fine too, I plan to check out the local shelters. Basically I would like a dog thats up to medium size, easy to train, that I can do agility with and exercise 1 and a half to 2 hours a day. I love collies, but dont think its really fair to keep them in a flat. Also like Duck Tollers, but not sure if they would settle in a flat…basically I need a dog that, although it is active, will be reasonably calm around the house, and not bark loads (afraid of annoying neighbours).
I’m very demanding aren’t I?