We had a house fire in oct/04 and lost our 2 cats & 2 dogs. We’re ready to have housepets again. It’s a no-brainer with the cats, but, we will be introducing my munchkin to dogs, since she is too young to remember the ones we had. I am curious as to what are good breeds to have with young children. The 2 dogs we had were very old and were not threats to the baby. One was a cocker spaniel, the other a golden retriever/daschund mix (imagine a retriever with 3 inch legs-he was just too cute!). I am a firm believer that children should grow up with a companion or two if at all possible, and I am ready to start over again with a new dog.
I will definitely be looking to adopt, and I am not sure if I want a puppy, or one that is grown and house-broken already.
We have also been investigating retired greyhounds, but they are kind of iffy with cats.
I will have to find something soon as this is an incentive for potty training that IS WORKING!!!
Do NOT want any small yippy yappy things!