Well I’ve been planning on owning two Cavaliers for when I become a grown adult, and I just realized that I might not be to safe! I don’t know exactly when I’ll be getting married, and a single woman is a pretty vulnerable target, if you know what I mean. So, I’ve been thinking I want to rescue one of these breeds:
Greyhound- I’d love to rescue one from a Greyhound Racing Rescue place, they’re so elegant. My one question though is how old do you expect to get these dogs if you rescue them from there?
Rottweiler- I’ve always loved this breed, and I really want to rescue one. My main question for this breed though is training available through obedience classes for this dog?
Brittany- I also want to rescue a Brittany, and my question for this breed is if it’s even a good guard dog?
So please take the time to answer the questions above and also answer if I’m getting a larger dog for the right reasons. I’d love this dog to death, don’t get me wrong. And have any other breed suggestions?