(Again, a lot of questions on this issue for me)
My sister (who lives with me) seems to have little concern for her dog.
He’s a greyhound x lab and they NEVER walk him, he RARELY goes to a park, he doesn’t go out in the yard much anymore as he barks at everything that moves including airplanes. He bit me tonight and my two dogs tried to kill him (he was pinned to the floor with blood pooling out of his head and face). Afterwards here was a gash in his head where I think I saw his skull, his tongue was bleeding, his ear is torn…. I called and called and she wouldn’t come home to take care of him. THEN seemed to think he was fine as I’d dumped a whack of quick stop on it to stop it from bleeding and being infected.
He’s not trained, he’s rarely played with and he doesn’t listen well.
I’ve tried to tell her the problems to no avail. “…. take care of your dog” “your dog is dominant” “walk your dog”….
As an animal lover, what would you do to make her listen and be a good owner?