We are going to visit two different rescue groups next week, so I don’t have one picked out yet, but I would like to eventually register her with the CGC training. Does anyone know anything regarding GHs and this test? This will be our first GH, but I have been around several of them, and I know that they are very sweet and gentle dogs, and the ones I have spent time with seem like they would be very good material for therapy dogs. Does anyone have a greyhound that is registered with the CGC?
Also, because they are full bred, can I register her with the AKC. The websites of the places we are looking at don’t mention anything about the dogs being registered or coming with papers. They are retired racers, so it is rescue, but I would still like to register her if possible.
And lastly! I keep saying “her”, but we really don’t know yet. I am pretty sure that I want a female, but I am more concerned with a good dog. So, males v. females? Pros and cons… Any suggestions?