Okay, since my 1st and 2nd attempt try to post this question failed, because only 1 person answered, I decided to re-post it and make a poll, so things get more interesting.
It’s just that I adopted a retired Greyhound called Gracye. She is very wierd, but I honestly think that’s very cool… But 2 months after it gets sickening. Just read:
1st of all. As a retired racer, her only joy is to walk off-leash, but she runs away from me and I am afraid she gets run over by a car or gets lost. I tried luring her with food, toys and calling her. I also tried Clicker training, but she thinks it’s a game and keeps running from me I managed to catch her until now but I am so sick of this and afraid for her.
2nd, she isn’t potty trained, because she is an older dog and was never potty trained before. As I live in an appartment – yes, Greyhounds CAN live in apartments – it is not very enjoyable to find a puddle of pee waiting for me. She gets over-excited easily and wee-wees on the floor when so. I would like her to know how to pee in the terrace.
3rd, she is terribly thin. Need proof? – http://www.gpa-nw.org/images/PuddleDuck-… – the vet says “it’s normal”, but I’ve had whippets and lurchers who are naturally thin too, is it normal for them to be like this? She refuses to eat. I have tried rests of our dinner, all the dog food from the market, it’s just that she is a little… how do I say… strange. She only eats the food if I roll it throught the floor or give it piece by piece to her mouth.This is very irritating! And her stomach is so weak that if I feed her something a little bit diferent she pukes.
4rth (promisse the last question): I KNOW I must be pacient, of course. But just for curiousity: why does she don’t let me pet her when it’s my intention, but asks for petting when I am busy? Is it on porpuse, LOL.
POLL: What dogs do you have? Names? What is the most WIERD thing he ever done?