our dog , is not actually ours, he’s a foster greyhound. greyhounds are hard to teach because they are so timid, but not this one. he is huge and muscular, so we can’t pull him anywhere. telling him “no” will not help, he just brushes it off and walks away.
this dog keeps taking things off of desks, tables and counters. we yell at him and squirt him with water, nothing is helping. we can’t use crate training because he needs to be in a crate when we leave the house or else he will tear apart the house, and at night or else he wakes us up in the middle of the night. we ca’t put spices on my iPod and he reaches into my dad’s bad, into his lunch box and got a muffin. he is also very quiet. he is huge, so it is easy for him to get on the counter. he takes anyhting and everything! please help!!!!!