I have been watching Victoria Stilwell’s “It’s Me or the Dog” and I am amazed how people can live in a home with dogs peeing and pooing everywhere. I don’t mean puppies which are being trained. It is natural that they will have accidents. I am referring to fully grown dogs which should, if they had been properly trained, known better.
The show the other day was 2 Greyhounds (gorgeous dogs) which were gated in the kitchen overnight and every morning and when they returned home there was pee and poo all over the kitchen. Video footage showed the dogs walking through it and then jumping up onto the kitchen benches. How can people live like that? It makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. My own dogs have been trained to stay out of the kitchen altogether – let alone not peeing and pooing through the house.
The stench must be stomach turning in their homes.
How can they live with this every day of their lives?