I have an 12 year old greyhound who we adopted from the racing track about 8 years ago. He’s been a wonderful dog and we’ve never had any serious problems with him. He was house trained when we got him and has had few accidents in the many years we’ve had him; mostly when taking him over to other people’s houses and the pet store.
I recently moved out of the house, however, and took him with me. I know it’s been tough on him. He was my shadow for the first month in our new residence and he even started to pee in one area of the house [the living room where we don’t spend a lot of time]. He’s on the same schedule to go outside as we’ve always had him so I know it’s because he just can’t hold it anymore. And he’s seemed to be well adjusted to our new living arrangement, but he’s still peeing in that same area of the house. I thought he would stop after getting used to the change, but it’s still happening.
Any solutions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please help!