My partner and I have just adopted a 10-month old italian greyhound. We’ve had him for a week and he is in the process of adapting to our home and to our 3 year-old italian greyhound.
We are currently having some toilet training issues and have encountered a new behaviour over the past few days.
We make sure he goes out to pee every hour. Lately he has been refusing to go while outside and trying his hardest to evade going out/get back inside as quickly as possible.
While our other greyhound asks to go out regularly during the night, the pup avoids doing so and choses to hold it instead.
Twice now he has held it to the point of bladder bursting and then peed all over. This has occurred once in the house right in front of people and once in the middle of the night.
Can anyone recommend a solution? He is stubbornly refusing to go no matter how many times I take him out. He has a large yard. Even going out with him is not working at this point.
Any advice would be appreciated.