I’m having a lot of issues with my dog. I have put him in basic training classes that have helped quite a bit but he is still having problems with several things. Every time a guest comes over he literally freaks out and jumps like crazy on them for the longest time. When I say the longest time I mean the whole time the guest is over. We’ve tried everything to try to stop him. Its not just that but he gets so hyper when a guest comes his whole body shakes and trembles from being so excited. We also try to take him out to run and play as much as we can because of how much energy he has, and yet he still gets bored and wines later in the day. When he wines he’ll come up and make wining noises for up to 20 minutes biting and pulling our clothes, feet, and hands. When we give him his toys to try and give him something to play with he will chew the toy on top of me and step all over me. He just doesn’t ever give up. He also play bites and is aggressive sometimes when we try to take things he shouldn’t be chewing on away. When he hears neighbors outside the door, he gets really upset and starts barking like crazy. I’ve tried shake cans, spray bottles, everything in the book. Is there anything I can do to treat these problems? I’ve taken suggestions from his old trainer but he’s to tough to crack. Please let me know if you have any advice or suggestions.