I have a wee Rottie cross, she’s about 7 or 8, she’s a rescue and we got her when she was about 3 or 4, we don’t know her history but we’re fairly sure she was abused when she was wee as she’s uncomfortable with arguing and she’s scared of brushes and plastic bags. This isn’t a problem though. The problem is that only recently, within the past few months or so, she has developed a fear of certain noises, especially steam engines, and unfortunately i live near a steam train museum so everytime she comes to stay with me (she lives with my Parent’s) i can’t walk her during the train’s running times or she absolutely freaks out and the Rottie strength in her drags me all the way back home. She’s also worried by whistling noises now too, and brass bands. My Mum had mentioned click therapy, do you think this would work?
I also have a retired racing Greyhound with some odd issues, but she isn’t bothered by the train or whistling or even fireworks, so i don’t know where this fear came from? It’s so strange because they behave so differently. My Greyhound is an angel when she’s out of the house – on a lead, but a pain in the house, where as the Rottie is an angel in the house but can be difficult when out.