Here, let me just state a few facts before I start the story.
-I’m a 13 year old girl.
-Less than a week ago, my neighbor’s gave me an 8 week old Italian Greyhound puppy.
-The puppy’s name is Mickey.
Ok then, let’s start the story.
Well, my neighbor’s dog had a litter of puppies. After convincing my dad, I was allowed to get one. The only catch was that I had to care for the dog all by myself. My little sister, however (she’s 11) wanted it to be her dog too, so she volunteered to help a bit. I got the dog less than a week ago. (About 4 days ago.) Well, caring for Mickey has taken quite a lot of time from me, leaving me almost no free time every day. Sure, my sister helps a bit, but it doesn’t make much of a difference. Mickey isn’t house trained, so accidents happen. He soils his crate every night, so I have to clean it out in the morning. I just have no time to hang out with my friends, or even go on the computer! (He’s napping now.)
Mickey’s taking over my social life. My dad said that if I start slacking off, he’s giving Mickey back to my neighbors. The neighbors said they would be fine with it if I decided I couldn’t handle Mickey, but I don’t want to give him up.
I love Mickey, but school’s starting in a few days, and I’m going to be a lot busier in the mornings getting ready, and busier in the afternoons with homework. I want to be able to keep up my grades up, hang out with my friends, and keep Mickey, but it just doesn’t seem possible. Caring for a puppy isn’t easy, and now I realize that.
Thank you if you took the time to read that. So does anybody have any advice? (And does anybody know how to get Mickey to stop using the bathroom in his crate during the night?)