Yesterday I was put in an awkward situation when I had my 8 month old Dachshund pup in a local Tackle and Pet Supply store.
My boyfriend and I stopped at our favorite pet supply store with our Dachshund and Greyhound/Boxer mix. This is a store that we frequent about 3 times a month for supplies (sometimes just to get the dogs out especially in winter) Both of our dogs have been going there since they were puppies and finished their shots, and both dogs are very obediant and quiet in the store. The people who work there know us, and love seeing us come in with the dogs. This was a trip to treat them to some fresh bully sticks before a long road trip we have coming up.
Anyways here is my issue and what happened. My dachshund and I were in one Aisle picking out treats while my boyfriend and our mutt were looking at new collars. A lady with a little girl from about 2 aisles across the store came stamping at us and proceeded to tell me to get that heathen of a dog out of the store, it was a danger and menace to all of the customers. I looked down at my Dachshund to find him still sitting quietly at the position I put him at and waiting intently for me to tell him to come on, and I assumed she had saw the larger dog who looks kind of bullyish and was worried irrationally because of that. I assured her that the mix was fine, has been through training, and she didn’t have to worry. She THEN begins to tell me its not our mix she is worried about but our dachshund! And started to tell me that there is no such thing as a good dachshund.
I understand they can be snippy if provoked and thats why I spent such a large amount of money on my dog for buying from a breeder who has bred for health and temperament as well as had the dog being socialized from a VERY young age and been working through classes with him.
Has anyone else been questioned about their dog or offended by someone who didn’t understand when you had a dog that wasn’t typically viewed as a potential threat. (Or if your a “dangerous” dog owner what absurdities have you had to endure.!)