I love my grey, and have had her for a year now, and was hoping that over time this problem would have improved. It has not. Even though she is house and crate trained, if you leave her alone for too long – even if you leave the ROOM for too long – she will get up and pee in the house. If you leave her in the crate for too long, she will also pee or poop in the crate, and then eat it, and puke, and eat the puke, and puke again…. tasty. She does cry sometimes too if you leave tied somewhere (when I go to the barn she gets tied up with her warm bed… but even if she can see me she still cries a bit). I just feel like I can’t trust her out alone for any period of time, even the time it takes me to go take a shower! I hate having to lock her up in her crate EVERY time I leave the house, even for short trips, but she has also done things like chew on everything she can find when left by herself, electical cords being her favorite chew of choice (note: she won’t play with toys or chew on real dog chewies, ever!). I’m not sure what I can do, because she only ever does it when I’m not around!

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