Greyhound training will be a challenge for you if you think you will be able to zip through lessons and expect your pal to learn all he needs to know in a week.  Teaching a dog commands takes time, no matter what breed you own.  That said, just because it may take time to train a canine, this doesn’t mean that the process has to be a struggle.  It can be as smooth as you want it to be as long as you implement the right technique combined with patience.

The following are some smart Greyhound training tips to guide you down the right teaching path to success:

Good communication – Training isn’t strictly about manners and obedience; it is first and foremost about building a good relationship with your companion that involves trust and communication.  Thus, while you need to be firm in your lessons, there is no reason for you to be harsh or angry with your animal.  This breed has a sensitive nature and can be easily offended depending on the tone of your voice.   Upsetting him and evoking feelings of fear will only work against you in the long run.

Have fun – Greyhound training sessions are about practicing and learning but who says that obtaining an education has to be all work and no play?  You want to capture his interest and make him enjoy the process.  Thus, teach only for short periods (no more than 5 – 10 minutes) and take plenty of breaks in between and play with him.  Boredom leads to distraction and a distracted pooch absorbs nothing.

Be consistent not relentless – At some point during lessons most dogs will have a stubborn streak and will try to resist your commands.  If he’s determined to do his own thing, take a break or try a different lesson instead of attempting to force him to obey you and go back to the original task later.

Keep it short and simple – Teach one command at a time and break it down into small steps.  Only move forward when you are confident your pooch has a complete understanding.  Don’t try to cram too much into his mind at once.  Let him learn and gain confidence.

Always praise – Praising and rewarding your pal is a must in Greyhound training.  He needs to know when he pleases you.  Dogs like victories, let him enjoy it.  Praise is a fabulous motivator.