Choosing a name for a Greyhound puppy should be done before you take them home.  The name of a dog is very important because it is apart of his identity and is what you will call him for the rest of his life.  Moreover, many people do not realize that what they call their dog has a significant impact on their relationship with their companion.  Therefore, you need to make sure that the name you select is a good title, not something that you’ll regret naming your pet down the road.

The following are a few Greyhound Puppy naming tips you can take into consideration when searching for the perfect name:

•    Avoid using names that have a harsh sound.  Using words that sound gruff or unpleasant can be very stressful to your Grey, especially since this particular breed can be quite sensitive.   A name may sound rough because of letters that have been used or because of the meaning.  For instance, if you said Ally as opposed to Rex, you can hear the difference and the effect the sounds have on you.  Think about the effect it will have on your pet.

•    Names that rhyme with negative words are a no-no.  Titles, such as Jo, Flow, Moe (no), Mop, Hop (stop), Giant (quiet), etc. can confuse your animal and make him think you are reprimanding him when you call him.

•    Keep Greyhound puppy names short and friendly – Anytime you call your pal to you it should be a positive experience.  To help achieve this in a name, use words that begin and end in vowels (I.E. Ellie, Eddie, Iggy, Olive, etc.).  Names that end in an “ee” or “a” tend to sound peppy, inviting and happy.

•    Try to use only one or two syllables – The shorter the sound, the easier it will be for your dog to remember and associate with himself.  The more syllables the more room for misinterpretation.

Lastly, remember that a name sounds only as pretty as the tone of voice that is saying it.  Thus, make sure when you call your Greyhound Puppy you sound pleased, excited or happy.  Love the name you choose and he will too.