Greyhound puppies need more than just a home and a human family to call their own, they also need to know their place in your pack and require control for their own wellbeing, something that only you – their owner – can provide them.  Therefore, it is important that you have a plan of action before you bring your new pup home because the sooner you introduce him to his new life and schedule the sooner he will adapt.

Here are some of the things you should provide Greyhound Puppies:

•    Safe home environment – Remove any items that are potentially dangerous to your dog, such as lose electrical wires, chemicals, cleaners, poisonous plants, children’s toys, garbage bags, etc.

•    Fenced yard – If you have a backyard, make sure there is a high fence around it, one that is at least 6 feet or higher.  Though a puppy won’t be able to clear a smaller fence, a full grown Greyhound can jump magnificent heights and will soar over an average sized fence if motivated (I.E. to chase a small rodent).

•    Rules – Greyhound puppies need to know what is allowed and what is not right from day 1.  This means teaching him to eliminate outdoors, feeding him after you eat, biting is not tolerated, etc.  Essentially, he must realize that you are his master.

•   Soft dog bed – Greyhounds have very slender and smooth bodies and actually require a soft bed that has been designed to accommodate canines.  Make sure you choose the size that will fit him when he is fully grown.  These dogs should not sleep on the floor or human beds because this can lead to skin sores.  Therefore, don’t let him get into the habit of sleeping on your bed.

•    Socialization – Your pal needs to meet and learn how to interact with people outside of your family as well as with other dogs.  This socializing will assist with his training and help him develop into a loveable and well-rounded adult.

By giving Greyhound puppies these essentials you and your companion will be able to fully enjoy each others company, because you will have provided him with the attention, rules and comfort he requires.