The Greyhound dog is a beautiful, large and slender canine.  He is one of the oldest breeds of dogs and is the fastest pooch in the world, having the potential to reach speeds of 40 miles per hour.  He is recognized and prized for his amazing racing abilities but is also highly regarded as a loving family pet.  Greyhounds are certainly unique in both appearance and personality and have been a favorite choice among animal lovers for centuries.

Due to the fact that the noble Greyhound dog has existed for thousands of years, their precise origins have not been determined.  Some believe they originated in Greece, others suspect Gaul.  However, what is known is that they were seen in Egyptian tomb carvings dating back to 2900 B.C.  Thus, despite where their actual roots may be, there is no question these pooches have been around for years, and throughout history they were often used for hunting purposes.

Greys have a striking look.  They are very tall and lean, measuring up to 30 inches at the withers and weighing up to 70 pound.   They have straight front legs and very muscular, wide and well bent hindquarters.  They have a deep chest, well arched loins, long tail and a muscular, broad back.  Overall they have a very powerful and long appearance.  Their coat is short, smooth and firm and comes in a wide array of colors including black, red, blue, fawn, white, brindle, fallow or any of these colors combined with white or brindle markings.

The temperament of a Greyhound is often sweet and gentle.  He can be very affectionate towards his family, but can also be aloof with strangers.  He enjoys the company of responsible children and likes other dogs.  However, he is not compatible with non-canine pets including cats and rodents.   Greys are highly trainable but they can become easily distracted due to their hound nature, especially if they see other small animals.  Therefore, patience when training is important.

This is one of the easiest breeds to groom, as their smooth coat is simple to maintain and only requires the occasional brushing to remove dead hairs.  Furthermore, just as grooming is a breeze, so is exercising.  Although they do love to run, this four-legged wonder does not require extensive exercise.  They are quite content to laze around the home and will find two 20 minute walks per day, playtime and the freedom to run in a yard or dog park, sufficient.

Finally, the charming Greyhound dog is relatively healthy, not suffering from many genetic diseases.  They are prone to bloat, as they have a deep chest, and are also sensitive to certain drugs, especially anesthesia.   That said, they live an average of 10 – 12 years and are very happy and high-spirited creatures.