Hi all, this is my first time asking a question here. A bit of background: I have two SPCA dogs, the younger one is about a year and a half old German Shepherd (may have some greyhound), and the older one is about 2 and a half and is malamute/husky.
The older one is very furry and I don’t worry about him at all in this -30 cold. But the younger one doesn’t have much of an undercoat. They have a dog run in the back, and we keep them out there during the day.
We built them a doghouse big enough for the both of them, so that they could share their heat during the winter. Problem is, I’m not sure if they actually use it. Is there any product or anything I could use to make them like it? I’ve put hay inside so the ground isn’t freezing, plus I’ve sprinkled a few treats inside. They’re crate trained, so they’re not afraid of it, and we occasionally physically put them in and they don’t seem to mind, but I’m worried they don’t acutally use it…