I have 2 retired greyhounds, one of my greys will take great interest in cats, rabbits e.t.c but nothing you dont expect, a pull on the lead maybe the odd bark.
A month ago we adopted a small blue ***** her prey drive is in overdrive 24/7 she is constantly looking out the window and if she sees a cat, shut the doors because she will run around so crazy she has nearly injured herself on the stairs before.
Lately its getting worse everytime we let her in the back garden she pounces up the fences (luckily its a very tall fence, she is unable to get over) she tries to jump up at the fence, she saw a hedgehog the other night and since then EVERY night she barks in the exact same place she saw it causing our other greyhound to get upset and start barking and then the whole neighbourhoods dogs are barking.
I know basic dog training, so I can deter her from the situation and get her inside for about 30 seconds then she paces around the house till we finally have to shut her away for bedtime.
Its a constant battle between her instinct and what she has learnt from racing, and our restraint and patience!
If anybody has anything they think we should try, I will sure give it ago!
ps. Muzzling her makes her even more hyper active, she runs around even more muzzled.
Shes 4 in October