I have found that the vast majority, in fact pretty much all the rescue volunteers I have met here in Ireland, on website and in person, know little or nothing about the breeds they deal with and nothing about pack structure and training. In fact I have had a whole forum of people tell me that pack structure dosn’t exsist when I gave sound advice to someone. Seriously.
I have been told that prong collars are… (let me try and remember) Somthing like “unbelievably cruel” and the word torture was used a lot.
This was when I told someone the correct way to use one on a dog that dragged them down the street on walks. They reccommended a halti, which can actually do a lot more damage to a dogs neck than a prong, as well as being not as effective!
Someone was rehoming a Weimaraner because it was not an effective guard dog, and the rescuers were all saying that the person was stupid to expect a Weim to guard, they are nothing but softies, that they would never be a good guard dog. Anyone who knows anything knows that a Weim has quite a strong protective instinct and can be a hard dog like many German breeds.
When I even mentioned the word e-collar for training (correctly and responibly after learning how to use them, obviously) I was hit with a torrent of abuse and actually banned from that particular forum. These were well known dog rescuers in Ireland.
When I volunteered to do some basic obedience with the dogs in the local centre here to make them easier to rehome,the essence of what I said was basically ignored, and I was told yeah, they really need people to help out and clean out the dogs pens or walk them. I said I would train them, like I am volunteering to train the dogs, I don’t have to do it, and they tell me I can clean out their pens? No thanks.
I have given a lot of money to the ISPCA and strongly support animal rescue, but the attitude of the volunteers would really put you off.
On another note about animal welfare in Ireland – Before when I went to do some volunteer work at the local SPCA holding spot located at the vets, a van full of lovely healthy but sad looking collies, crosses and some greyhounds and lurchers came pulled up. I was talking to them, assuming they were going onto the rescue to be rehomed. They were led into the vets, a few at a time, I heard the most awful screams I have ever heard (I’m not exaggerating) and they came out in green bags. In my county its still legal to put down dogs with bolt guns.
But anyway back to the attitude of recuers –
Has anyone else found this with them?