We are currently fostering a 6-month-old pit bull/greyhound mix until she finds a permanent home. It is obvious to us that she has no prior training, and we don’t know who had her before we got her. She is the sweetest dog in the world and loves to cuddle, run, and play with our other dog when we are home. However, when we go to work during the day, she turns into a total maniac. We have left chew toys, stuffed animals, etc. out for her during the day, but she always seems to find soemthing else to chew on. Yesterday when I got home, she had reached her head into the cubby holes of our coffee table, pulled out all of the contents, and chewed/eaten everything. On top of that, she got into our higher-up bookshelves, pulled everything off and shredded it. To make matters worse, she also chewed the corner off of our coffee table, peed and pooped everywhere, and eventually puked everything up on our couch. We tried putting her in a pen, but she jumps out. Please help!!!!