What do you do when your dog chews so compulsively that he hurts himself and breaks teeth, but still keeps chewing?
My dog is a 10 month chocolate lab/greyhound mix. When I got her in Feb., one of her bottom teeth (lower right canine) was broken and rotting. We saw her chewing mouthfuls of gravel at the H.S. “foster” home where we got her. We assumed that was how it happened. She had also chewed the end of her tail off and had several bald spots on her hind legs. The vet tested for mange, but she was negative. It was just from her chewing.
Well, the vet said that a.) The chewing was probably out of boredom (so we bought her tons of toys) and b.) That the rotting tooth should fall out on its own.
Her chewing has escalated to the point of literally chewing everything she can get her mouth around *instead of* her toys. She ate through our TV remote, several pairs of shoes, coat hangers, socks and underwear, chewed the handle of the toilet brush, etc. Assuming it was a correctable behavior, we started taking her to training. The trainer suggested a durable Nylabone (basically a heavy thick piece of plastic shaped like a bone). I was skeptical, but decided to buy it for her own good.
The first week with the Nylabone, she broke out one of her incisors and has to have the one next to it surgically removed tomorrow (the rotting one). She hurts herself, but she’s so “in the zone” that she keeps chewing. The vet didn’t offer much advice to get over the problem and the trainer gave bad advice. What do I do now, YA?