I was walking my dog and he was by my side and then he pulled to go across the front of me at a bird, I “checked” him (tighten the chain for a second) and said “AHH!” and he came back into position, a lady driving by slowed down and called me a “PRICK!” then drove off.
Also this afternoon when I walked my dog I told him to sit and he dropped instead so I “checked” him and he went back into place like he was supposed too and was rewarded for doing it right.
Three other people were in the dog park with me at the time and two of them shunned me and glared at me (even though their dogs were barking and pulling them along) and only the greyhound trainer (who I know well) gave me a nod and smile.
I feel like people are being so judgmental because I use a check chain in combination with reward when training my dog.
Do you think so??
(I don’t use it as a chocker, I use it correctly)

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