I already have a 2 year old IG (italian greyhound), love her! She’s SUCH a sweetie, but she’s grown up around other dogs all her puppy years until I moved out of my parent’s house and now I can tell she’s lonely. I spend A LOT of time w/ her, but playing with other dogs is just something she LOVES to do!
My boy and I are living w/ my mom for about 2 months til we find our next apartment and my mom’s 6 month old lab puppy plays w/ her, but I have to watch them all the time, because my mom’s dog gets rough. However my IG DOES really enjoy chasing her around and playing!
I was wondering if a Whippet and an IG are good companions? Do they have similar personalities? My IG is VERY personable and in fact absolutely LOVES meeting new people! She is very willfull and I’m STILL working on training her. She’s a couch potato, but does love getting walks.
Whatever I choose, I’m DEFINATELY going to adopt one. I live in Colorado. I just want another good companion. Can’t get a Greyhound they are too large, but I was considering either another IG or a Whippet, but I don’t know too much about the breed, cept what I’ve read and they seem great!