I have 3 dogs…. And I have crate trained them all. 2 of them are fine with the crate, my third doesn’t mind being in the crate, but he poops & pees in it, and then lays in it. It is really gross!! At night, he is fine, but it is while I am at work that he defacates all over the crate and hangs out in it. I usually leave him in his crate for a max of about 5 hours, so he should be able to hold it. He is potty trained and rarely ever has an accident in the house, but the minute you put him in the crate, he pees. When I go to wash his blanket, I find there is a bunch of poop in it.
I have been told to get him a smaller crate, which I have done twice, it didn’t help.
I have been told to remove the blanket, but I can’t because he shivers. (He is an italian greyhound)
Someone help!