I have 4 horses, 2 other dogs (a almost 2yr old Papillon, & a 8yr old Sheltie), & 4 cats (2 inside; 2 outside). All my pets get along with dogs.needs to be a g It ood traveler, and put up with being taken places including horse shows. I’d like it to be fairly small under 20 lbs but the smaller probably the better. No fenced in yard, but I do have about 6 acres. I have raised a litter of Shelties which are the easiest to train and also trained my Papillon with a short attention span! Also please dont say depends on the dog, I know that.
I was considering these breeds-
Cairn Terrier (but r they ok w/ cats? I heard not)
Coton de Tulear
Italian Greyhound
Miniture Pinscher
Norfolk Terrier
Norwich Terrier
Silky Terrier aka Australian Silky Terrier
Toy Fox Terrier
Rat Terrier (the smaller type)
Toy American Eskimo
& Podengo Portugueso Pequeno or Portuguesse Hound, but these are pretty rare
I would also luv to hear about other breeds too!