I am in the process of purchasing a Bullmastiff puppy. She is right now 6 weeks old and will be coming home in two weeks. Her compainions in the house will be an Italian greyhound, 3 cats and my two daughters my hubby and I. Oudside animals to many to list here. Anyway I am trying to do my homework and have owned and own other bully breeds.
My main question is with people that have experience what do you feed yours. I was going to start her on Science diet large breed puppy or Nutro Naural choice Large breed puppy. With some cooked chicken or possibly some canned food to start. I have been trying to do my homework on them and I am seeing alot of DONT feed Commercial foods to this breed etc.. From experience these foods have always been great for my other larger dogs. Suggestions please..
Also I havent seen much on house breaking I usually crate train but have been seeing of ton of they hate to be alone etc.. She cant be harder to house break then my Itailian greyhound!! Thanks

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