Today I went bought 2 Italian Greyhounds. I love them to death already, but I’m having trouble. They won’t pee or poop outside. They’ve never been outside! Unfortunately they’re kennel dogs and never been outside. I was under the impression they were house dogs just being raised sometimes in a kennel. I guess not- they were in there all the time, They did their bathroom stuff in there. I guess it’s a HUGE kennel and there were a few puppies in there. They’re timid, but very eager to receive love. We live in MN and it’s cold and I can see the pads of their feet are freezing. We stay outside about 7 min. and I put them back in the kennel, take them out again after 15 minutes, but they WILL poop inside the kennel anyway. They have no idea why we’re outside. I’ve taken them seperatly and together. They stand there and cry holding up 1 foot. I have patience, but I’m nervous, kennel/petstore dogs I hear are HARD to train. Any suggestions?